Saturday, April 4, 2015

Let’s talk about this busy business

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” ~Socrates
How many times this week have you said, “I’m busy” when a person asked how you were? How do we define BUSY? More importantly, how many times do we use “I’m busy” as an excuse? For instance, this week, I was apparently too busy to a) do my laundry, b) get my papers graded, and c) finish some other paperwork that needed to be completed. But, was I really?
We ARE busy. But why? I feel busiest when I neglect to prioritize, plan, and execute my plans. I let the events in my life control me without a plan in place to meet obstacles and everyday nuisances head-on. I’m busy in the mornings when I have neglected to prepare clothes and lunch the night before. I’m busy during the day when I allow myself to be distracted instead of being productive. I’m busy at night when I haven’t planned a healthy dinner. All this “busy”-ness wears on me, but it’s not truly me being busy. In fact, it’s me being lazy.
This week I will not be too busy to plan and execute healthy meals and snacks, because I tend to use my failure to grocery shop or failure to prepare meals ahead of time as excuses to eat junk. And junk makes me tired, hungrier, and eventually, depressed. This week, I will begin to re-define “busy.” I’ll be busy laying the groundwork for a positive, healthy change.

Food for Thought, 3.29.2015

This week is all about salads. Cabbage and broccoli slaw mixes are the bases. Toppings will include tuna, chicken, avocado, black beans, raspberries, apples, and mandarin oranges (not all on the same salad! A girl’s gotta have some variety!) I’ve discovered Bolthouse dressings—1 weight watcher point for 2 TBSP. The cilantro avocado is delish! I’m also adding chia seeds to these lovely salads to up the healthy fats and protein. I have a very short lunch, but these guys will keep me busy chewing throughout—no time for junk!

The Stats, 3.29.2015

To Lose: 37; Today: -4

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